Why is the radish so crooked and somehow worm eaten

Tell me, why is the radish so curved and somehow worm eaten out?

Maybe a wireworm. ?

Curve because the soil may not be loose, or whose roots interfere

The soil is generally pipets. And if you plant in a greenhouse for cucumbers? Can?

Radishes do not like manure, what do you grow cucumbers on?

On old manure. It's just that there is such a magnificent land

I planted. Everything has grown beautifully

If the old one will probably work with radish, try

And here, only after the White Nights, radishes, a short-day vegetable, should be planted rarely, it also does not like the heat, now only in the middle of July, with a daikon, margel. I will plant a radish.

I planted in one garden on different beds, on one clumsy, worm, on the other good, the same variety, so try to guess.

Soot every week in the greenhouse along the edge of the middle of the ridge, everything grows very well, pulled out a row of ripened and sowed again. 🙂

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