Why did the garlic turn yellow and fall

Good morning, tell me what's wrong with garlic? All turned yellow and fell, maybe it's time to dig up? planted garlic for the winter, Stavropol Territory.

Garlic can go to the ground. Better to dig

Thank you

Yes, I missed the moment, pulled everything in the spring and then again got out a little

For no reason hay stood once and fell, they walked for a week,

Thickly set down on that. That the land should be blown up, but then the rain didn’t ripen the arrows, it’s not open advice to dig out the recycle can not be cut, it can be cut through the meat grinder and frozen it can be added to the blanks and dishes it won’t be sad that gardeners are so upset that we have luck

The shoots are ripe, which means the garlic is ripening, but it will not be large, the arrows had to be cut off, a few should be left for the seeds.

Some gardeners leave a couple of arrows at the garlic to understand when to harvest the crop, the arrows straightened vertically, then it's time to dig. But in garlic with arrows, the bulbs are always smaller, sometimes by a third, and sometimes by half.

What is already there to break off, which arrows? It rots in full swing! It is urgently necessary to dig it out. If it is ready for harvesting, the arrow stands upright and the bag on the seeds is cracked. And here the arrows did not have time to turn around, and the garlic is yellow, also drooping. Clean and recycle. Or in a week all on a compost heap.

This garlic can be lost, it must be urgently dug up, not large

You are right, it was hard to see from the phone, but the arrows had to be removed earlier.

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