Why are cucumbers bitter and have a cavity inside

Good day! Cucumbers with cavities inside and very bitter. What's wrong?

Not enough watering

How and when to water? What kind of variety? Last year, I managed to plant a Chinese climbing one, so with perfect care all the fruits were bitter.

Not so - genetics. Now the absence of bitterness is indicated in the characteristics of the variety. The presence of a cavity too. Judging by the photograph, the skin is thick and rough. Variety to change, in a good way, you need

bitterness is absent only in hybrids as far as I know.

and varieties with good characteristics are not uncommon

plant a farmer, phoenix, water, and not bitterness, nor cavities

about. Thanks!

Something never met the inscription “bitter and with voids”

Bitterness from improper watering. As for hybrid cucumbers, in which there is no bitterness at all, then they lack one of the important elements that has anti-cancer properties. This substance is in ordinary cucumbers and when it accumulates strongly causes bitterness.

I have a hybrid, watering systematically and still half bitter cucumbers

there are different hybrids)) There are no bitterness, there are ordinary ones. Pour cold or warm water?

only warm, I sin on a hybrid, that year everything was fine, I'll wait, 2 more grades are in a hurry, I hope they will be good

I have self-pollinated cucumbers. but the cucumbers turn yellow and fall off.

in the sunset, in the marinade, not a single cucumber is bitter, salt, sugar, vinegar and everything is ok

not hot? or vice versa - is it not cold?)) Or maybe they are often planted, or there are a lot of leaves.

I remove the excess leaves. One leaf - one cucumber. Not often planted. Watering with warm water. I follow the temperature in the country.

maybe, on the contrary, there are few leaves?)) True, this also happens)) In short - our experiments are all Reset all the ovaries or just some?

Only some. Weevil no.

It is necessary to water this bitterness more often. They love water and heat

about weevil - is this the question of strawberries?)) If only some, then this is normal. Cucumber normalizes the crop - he simply can’t feed the extra ones. It's like an apple tree. It is always tied up more then ripens.

Has anyone grown Maryina Grove? For the first time I decided to grow this year ...

Thanks to all! I'll try to water more often

Alina, cucumbers need to be watered daily, ... especially in the heat.

In the sunset, hollow cucumbers can explode, it happens. I ordered cucumbers different, but only dark green with black shipwmi. And what do you think. Basically, light with white stripes, i.e. what I did NOT order. These cucumbers are hollow and bitter. So insulting!

do you have a hybrid? If not, then the seeds are taken from the bottom of the cucumber. Take the seeds (so as not to be bitter)) from the top of the cucumber.

I don’t even know what kind of variety it is;) I think the case in watering is still

We had it, planted cucumbers and in the autumn ate small melons. Seeds purchased were

I don’t know what is the reason, but it rains very often. It would seem that moisture is in excess, but cucumbers get bitter.

can it be cold?

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