Why spots appeared on the zygocactus and what to do

Hello) What kind of spots on zygocactus are these? From what? How to treat?

as if a “pimple” on the leaves, I peel off and it is removed with such a plate, and there is a brown speck.

not so random?


this is a scale shield.

wash it, remove everything gently. and urgent insecticide treatment. I can’t tell you the name. in a garden store ask from shields.

Thank you so much. And is it transmitted to other plants?

not at all. Yes unfortunately. if you have more plants process too.

but don’t know what it is with violets? A friend brought, and on it are white grains.

either powdery mildew or powdery mealybug. the worm is a pest, and the dew is a fungus, on an Internet look at what looks more like. it’s just difficult to consider, macro photography is needed.

most likely mealybug, looked at the photos on the internet they are more like if you compare with your photo.

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