What is needed for making topiary

The future interior decoration will depend on the craftswoman and her imagination, so the material for the topiary can be found anywhere. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the mandatory minimum and with the whole variety of additional materials that are selected at your discretion.

What elements are topiary

Topiary consists of the following parts:

  1. Crown.
  2. Trunk.
  3. The pot.

The basis for the crown (round, heart-shaped, fantasy) can be made of such materials:

  1. Newspaper.
  2. Polyurethane foam.
  3. Styrofoam.
  4. Christmas decorations.
  5. Plastic balls.
  6. Foam rubber.

Crohn is the most important decorative accent, it is she who receives maximum attention, the pot and trunk support the theme. They make a crown of anything, but first it’s worth deciding what the foundation will be. It is worth considering the simplest basics for do-it-yourself topiaries:

  1. Newspaper. Take a few sheets from a newspaper or magazine. Crumple well 1 sheet. Wrap the resulting lump with the next sheet, again it is good to wash it with your hands. Repeat the procedure until the ball is sized. It should be tight enough. In order not to fall apart, it is wrapped with thread.
  2. Polyurethane foam is good for fancy shapes. It is plastic, and after drying it is easily processed with a knife. The foam is squeezed into the bag in the right amount, allowed to dry. Take a piece of dried foam from the bag, now you can give it any shape. Using glue that sits very well on the surface of dry foam, you can glue any decorative elements.
  3. Polyfoam is a convenient material, it is easy to stick to it, it is easy to stick into it, it is lightweight, resistant to moisture, and easy to process. The basis for the crown is made with a knife - just remove all unnecessary. If there is no thick piece of polystyrene foam (at the disposal of the craftswomen it is usually thin polystyrene taken from the packaging of household appliances), you can use glue. Fasten together a few pieces, let them dry, then give the desired shape.
  4. Basics for thread topiary or decorative balls. Nothing prevents the crown from being made so that it is, even without decorations, something beautiful. You can make the basics for the topiary of threads wrapped around a balloon (then the balloon is punctured and retracted), kusuda, Japanese paper lanterns, or quilling balls. What is needed to make such original crown variants? Paper, glue and proficiency. Quilling products are few who get quite neat and even the first time, the skill comes with experience.

The crown is adorned (it is here that the fantasy of the craftswoman can prove herself in all her might):

  1. Fabrics, threads, ribbons, buttons, beads.
  2. Natural material: cones, shells, dried flowers, melon seeds, watermelon, pumpkin, sunflower, stones, dried leaves, coffee beans, cereals.
  3. Artificial flowers or fruits.

Topiary for beginners

How to make a trunk and what should be a pot

Not the most important detail, but the barrel is able to set the tone for the future product. A thin barrel looks elegant, but it is necessary to make it stable. Recently, fashionable topiary with several crowns or a whimsically curved trunk, in the style of bonsai. Materials for the manufacture of the barrel:

  1. Any stick or twig that you can buy in a specialty store or take a branch of a living tree.
  2. Thick wire (if there is a desire to make the trunk not straight).
  3. Pencil or wooden skewers.

Additionally, you may need:

  1. Acrylic paints (to paint the trunk).
  2. Ribbons or decorative paper (the trunk can be beautifully wrapped).

Which pot is suitable? It can be any container that is already ready (flower pots, vases, cups) or needs decoration (jars of yogurt, sweets, cookies, bottles, jars, foam balls, molds for the manufacture of which gypsum was used). You can also make a pot from any materials at hand, for example, fastening several large natural stones together and placing dried flowers between them, imitate an alpine hill or mountain cliff.

The set of materials and tools depends solely on the idea of ​​the future topiary. Below are sets of materials for specific ideas. Each set is designed to implement just such a topiary. You can make your own adjustments.

Topiary with crepe paper flowers

Crepe paper is traditionally used to make flowers. In the topiary, it is very popular because it looks gentle and spectacular and gives ample opportunities for creativity.

The following items must be purchased:

  1. Crepe paper of selected shades (or single color). It is cut into circles, flowers are collected, laying petals in waves.
  2. Plastic or paper ball (base for crown).
  3. Plastic cup or pot.
  4. Decor for a glass, for example, an ordinary paper napkin.
  5. Satin ribbon for decorating a glass.
  6. Threads.

In this model, the barrel is missing, but you can make an option with it.

The following tools will be required:

  1. Glue gun.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Stapler.
  4. Ruler.

Flower tree and topiary with roses

It is a classic of topiary. A pot, a thin trunk, a lush crown of delicate flowers from napkins. This do-it-yourself topiary is somewhat more complicated, because you need to fix a thin stem in a pot. For fixing, gypsum is used. A set of materials:

  1. Flower pot.
  2. Multi-colored napkins.
  3. Chinese sticks tied in a bundle of sufficient thickness.
  4. Threads.
  5. Newspapers for the crown basis.
  6. Stapler, scissors, glue.

What else can be made to decorate the crown? Paper - a plastic material, but short-lived. Flowers can be made from satin ribbons or stripped textile.

For such a topiary, the following materials are needed:

  1. Tape, threads in tone. Ribbons are folded in the form of roses, fastened with threads.
  2. Needle.
  3. Decorative ball as a basis.
  4. Planter or pot, direct dry branch for the stem.
  5. Beads matching color.
  6. Glue (it is better to take a transparent moment), scissors, a candle (for processing the edges of the tape so that they do not crumble).

Natural topiary

Coffee Bean Topiary

This topiary looks original. The barrel is made of rigid steel wire braided with twine using the macrame technique.

Will be required, except for wire and twine:

  1. The pot.
  2. A book, or the ability to master macrame technique.
  3. Glue "liquid nail", such glue is needed so that the coffee beans are firmly fixed on the foam.
  4. Acrylic paints.
  5. Tassels.
  6. Gypsum, shells to cover its surface, decorative butterflies (a bowl of coffee beans in itself will look dark, bright butterflies will diversify the composition), ribbons.
  7. Coffee beans, they should be sorted by choosing the most even and beautiful.
  8. Scissors, pliers.
  9. For the base - foam balls.

How to work with some tools and materials

Many people prefer to use not a glue, but a more accurate glue gun, which allows you to get to difficult places and not get dirty. How to work with a glue gun:

  1. A secure stand is attached to it, it needs to be used.
  2. The gun operates at high temperatures, do not touch the nozzle or fresh glue, wait for it to cool.

How to dilute gypsum? It is necessary to know the rules of working with it, because it is difficult to replace gypsum with one of the materials at hand. And the gypsum is moderately heavy, but not light, the future topiary will not tip over, the gypsum reliably fixes the stem in the pot, there is no risk that the product will float.

Rules for working with gypsum:

  1. Only fresh gypsum is used, that is, it is not worth diluting the mixture in a volume larger than necessary in advance.
  2. Gypsum hardens from 20 to 60 minutes.
  3. It is better to dilute a thicker gypsum, proportions: 2 parts of gypsum 1 part of water. Or medium: 1.5 parts of gypsum 1 part of water.
  4. The powder is poured into the water constantly stirring so that no lumps form.
  5. Too long should not be disturbed.

Where to look for materials

In addition to an unlimited and free source - nature, it is worth looking into specialized stores that sell products for creativity. Even if you do not purchase something specific, getting to know the variety of materials can be a good source of inspiration. You can also get ready-made frames for topiary there. It is necessary to visit stores where goods for sewing and accessories are sold. The modern assortment of jewelry and fabrics is such that there are no restrictions for the embodiment of even the most daring ideas.

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