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Spring is marked by the beginning of agricultural work. The owners of summer cottages and gardens seek to prepare for planting cultivated plants. Their main goal is to make every effort for the subsequent harvest of a good harvest. To simplify the task, cultivators appeared. In this article, we will consider models with a good price / quality ratio and the presence of additional functions. They are reliable and in demand among consumers.

Cultivators gained their popularity due to engine reliability, ease of operation and the resulting efficiency of the unit. They are designed for small areas, and do their job better than heavy walk-behind tractors.

Husgvarna TF334

The high power of the Husgvarna TF334 cultivator makes cultivation easy. The unit is suitable for loosening the soil, fertilizing, cultivating. Compared to the walk-behind tractor, 56 kg is not so big. To transport an agricultural machine, one physically strong man is enough, otherwise someone will need help.

The engine is available in two versions:

  • volume 169 cm3 and a capacity of 6 liters. from.;
  • 208 cm3 and 7 liters from.

They produce the main source of power not in China under the license of Honda, but at the enterprises of well-known brands Subaru and Briggs & Stratton. Their products are characterized by a long service life, ease of maintenance and the ability to withstand heavy loads for a long time. Both engines use gasoline as fuel. The choice in favor of gasoline is not accidental: the engine is easier to maintain and repair. Replacing parts is cheaper than a diesel engine.

There is enough power so that the relatively lightweight unit moves fast, and the person becomes less tired. For comfortable control of the cultivator, he has one speed for moving forward, and another - for moving backward. The second speed allows you to carefully cultivate hard soil. A belt drive is used, which is less prone to tensile and tearing of its elements. But even if the belt is damaged, it can be replaced on its own, and it will cost a little.

The unit captures the earth with a width of up to 80 cm and a depth of up to 30 cm. The cultivator is controlled by a steering wheel that looks like a motorcycle, plus it is adjustable in height.


The next CHAMPION BC 5511 model is similar in functionality to the first one, but costs almost half as much, although no less popular.

Which is better to choose Husqvarna or CHAMPION? Each has its pros and cons. The first manufacturer is known worldwide and uses proven engines in their devices, but they are not cheap. CHAMPION BC 5511 attracts with its price, but its details do not have a "noble" origin.

CHAMPION company positions itself as a Russian brand, part of the production of which is concentrated in China. If you do not look at the label of the motor, it turns out that the engines are some of the best licensed Honda replicas. Therefore, finding a replacement part and a service center that can fix the breakdown will be quite simple. Although the operation process is identical to the original motors. Similarly to the first model, the cultivator has two engine options: 5.5 or 6 liters. from. 4-stroke gasoline ICEs have the same volume - 163 cm3.

The mass of the unit is slightly less - 51 kg. But the steering wheel does not seem so convenient. Both factors cancel each other out and, as a result, the cultivator is similar to Husqvarna in management. The steering wheel also adapts to any operator height. An additional plus is just above the capture value of the processed strip and the depth of cultivation: 85 and 33 cm, respectively.

For a small suburban area, CHAMPION BC 5511 is preferable, since it will not be subjected to stress for a long time and performs similar functions as its distinguished colleague. You can overpay for a brand in case of subsequent intensive use.

Hyundai T850

The latest model of our review is an intermediate version between the first two both in price and quality. Hyundai T850 - products of the famous Korean brand with a relatively low cost. The model simultaneously satisfies the demands of a cultivator of a well-known company and the possession of good functionality.

Hyundai T850 equipped with an engine capacity of 163 cm3 or 196 cm3 and has a capacity of 5.5 or 6.5 liters. from. As you can see, the motor is not inferior to CHAMPION BC 5511 and Husqvarna TF334 in its technical characteristics. The weight of the cultivator is in the range of 45-50 kg. It varies depending on the completeness of the tank and the presence / absence of additional equipment. The transmission here is also belt, and two speeds of movement forward and backward. The depth of tillage is similar to Husqvarna TF334 and is 30 cm, and the width varies from 30 to 87 cm. The possibility of different widths of land grabbing is convenient for plowing a plot and passing between sowed rows.

The motorcycle-type steering wheel is adjustable in height. On the handle are all the controls, they are easy to reach for changing the mode.

To summarize

The article describes three models with similar functionality, but different in terms of performance.

  • In Husqvarna TF334 The best motors are used. The cultivator is ready for high loads and processing a large area;
  • Hyundai T850 satisfy the needs of summer residents in a famous brand at an average price;
  • Champion - A budget option with great features for those who have the name of the manufacturer in last place.

All cultivators have the same level of control and comfort of use. The difference can only be in the service life. It is hard to single out an unequivocal leader. Due to its low cost, Champion will still work out the money invested.

The difference in price of 20 thousand looks tempting. On the other hand, the cultivator will need to be serviced more often, so on this side the products of other companies are better. But if the site is less than 10 acres, then even for the Russian brand, the overhaul time will not come soon.


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