The technology of planting lawn grass seeds

To grow a very beautiful and durable green cover with your own hands, you need to know exactly how to plant lawn grass with seeds, and which mixture to plant on the site to choose. Among other things, it is important to strictly follow all the rules for subsequent care.

How to choose quality seeds for the lawn

It’s not at all difficult to sow lawn grass on a personal plot, but You need to adhere to several important rules:

  • ground lawns need careful care to help maintain their flawless appearance;
  • ordinary or classic garden lawns do not look too elegant, but it’s much easier to look after such grass cover;
  • In recent years, the so-called lawn grasses for the lazy, represented by special grass mixtures based on the most unpretentious plants that do not need too frequent haircuts and irrigation, have been especially popular.

Almost any mixture consists of three main types of plants, represented by red fescue, meadow bluegrass, as well as pasture ryegrass. Sometimes the composition is supplemented with knotweed and clover. Most popular herbal blends:

  • Liliputcharacterized by a very slow growth of the aerial part;
  • "Emerald"well adapted for regions with severe frosts and having a high level of wear resistance;
  • "Ornamental", most often used in the design of parks, and quickly adaptable to almost any soil and climatic conditions.
  • Robusticaused in the process of decorating roadsides, slopes, park areas and squares;
  • DLF-Trifolium Turfline Ornamental, a composition containing the seeds of the most hardy and slowly growing crops, forming a strong turf and recovering well after cutting. Available for temperate and hot climates;

How to sow lawn grass

  • Wolf-garten reseeding - a mixture of crops that are used to repair damaged areas of lawns. The composition includes quality seeds and active additives.
  • Six hundredth for inexperienced and novice gardeners. Suitable for growing in a variety of conditions and does not require particularly careful care. The bluegrass and fescue included in the composition are able to provide an even and decorative cover of sod, which is resistant to trampling;
  • "Children's park" characterized by increased softness of the cover and is best suited for the design of the territory of playgrounds and suburban households;
  • "Russian garden" based on special flowering grass mixtures and represented by five popular collections;
  • Varburg-RTF Premium allows you to get the most hardy and very beautiful grass cover that can withstand prolonged droughts and able to recover independently.

It is best to purchase seeds intended for sowing in a specific climate zone. It is also necessary to take into account soil characteristics, shading level and plot moisture indicators:

  • on light soils, it is recommended to sow lawns, the composition of which is represented by common lamb, clover, team hedgehog and golden oats;
  • in loamy areas, planting of Swedish clover, English ryegrass, timothy grass, creeping grass and spikelet will be optimal;
  • on peat soils, grass mixtures represented by white woodgrain, meadow foxtail, marsh swallow and meadowgrass grow well;
  • in shaded areas, special shade-tolerant mixtures based on pasture ryegrass or chaff are used;
  • in excessively humid areas, the moisture-loving decorative polevole is most often sown;
  • on dry soils, it is better to sow grass mixtures based on red fescue, comb, and common polevole.

Grass to create a lawn must match the purpose of the coating. You need to purchase mixtures that have a certificate of quality. Such a mixture rises well and it does not have to be sown often.

How to plant lawn grass seeds: the main steps

It is recommended to plant a lawn in the spring, which guarantees high survival rate and excellent germination of seeds. But in southern regions with favorable soil and climatic conditions, gardeners can sow the plot in the autumn.

Preparing the seat: tillage and fertilizing

Both under the rolled and under the sowing lawn, it is necessary to carefully clear the selected area, remove all garbage and weed vegetation, as well as uproot stumps and dig the soil. If necessary, leveling the surface and fertilizing.

The easiest and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of weeds is to cut the surface layer of the soil with a shovel to a depth of 20-25 mm. Also chemical plants can get rid of weeds on the plot. Most often, gardeners use the Roundup, Ground, and Dalapon for this purpose. The process of decomposition of chemistry in the soil takes several weeks, so such work is carried out in a timely manner and in accordance with the instructions attached to the chemical agents.

Varieties of lawn: choice

Leveling and compaction

After all the above measures are completed, the topsoil is compacted using a conventional garden skating rink, and then the soil is loosened and leveled again. It is especially difficult to prepare an undeveloped plot or virgin soil for sowing.

We calculate the consumption of lawn grass seeds per 1 m2

With independent sowing, you need to correctly determine how many seeds to acquire and seed consumption per 1 m2. Usually on approximately 30-50 grams are used per square meter. seed, therefore, for sowing an area of ​​10 square meters. m., you will need to purchase 450-500 gr. grass mixtures.

How to sow lawn grass in spring

The main condition for spring sowing is the correct choice of dates. The soil should have enough time to warm up, but at the same time retain the necessary amount of moisture, which will ensure friendly and quick shoots. Even sowing can be carried out using a special seeder. In the absence of such a device, the seeds are sown manually. First, the seed material is distributed along the lawn, and then across its area.

How to plant lawn grass in autumn

When sowing before winter, it is important to strictly observe the deadlines and technology. Finish work on laying a lawn in the middle lane of our country in the first ten days of September. Otherwise, the fragile roots of the plant will freeze upon the onset of the first frost. Autumn implementation of lawn grass planting is performed when it is impossible to prepare the site in the spring. For autumn planting, the area is prepared in the summer.

It is very important to increase the seed sowing rate in the autumn period by about 15-20%, which will reduce the risk of freezing of all planting material. Autumn sowing is done on dry days. Seeds are scattered along and across a plot visually divided into squares. Then the crops are sprinkled with soil and rolled a little with a garden roller, which will allow for high-quality irrigation.

Aftercare for a young lawn: first watering and other activities

When using herbal mixtures, you need to prepare for the uneven growth and development of the cover at first. This feature of lawns is due to the different germination of varieties included in the composition. In this case, you need not only to plant grass, but also perform the most competent care:

  • irrigation measures are the most important point and it is very necessary during the first month after sowing to provide plants with the necessary indicators of soil moisture. Coverage requires daily and plentiful watering in the morning or after sunset. During irrigation, you need to spray water by sprinkling, spending about a bucket of water for every square meter of lawn cover;
  • The first mowing or mowing by a lawn mower should be done after the height of the plants is 10-12 cm. Grass is cut in dry weather, about a couple of centimeters. Lawn mower knives should be as sharp as possible;
  • feeding is of no small importance, the composition of which should be guided by indicators of soil fertility. A young lawn planted on poor soil is fertilized more actively, but over the years the amount of fertilizing to be applied should be adjusted.

How to care for the lawn

You need to move with extreme caution on a recently sown lawn, which is due to the weakness of the root system.

Any owner of suburban real estate wants to have an attractive territory with a dense and beautiful green cover. To get an attractive lawn, you need to choose the right mix and adhere to the established growing technology at all stages of the growing season.

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