Decor for the garden and garden: the best ideas

Modern garden decor often includes unusual ideas and things that can transform the site. Thoughtful and original decorations become a real decoration of the garden space and can be done independently.

How not to make a mistake with the choice of decor for the garden

Cottage is the main resting place of most Russians, therefore, all the notions and the main decorative elements in the homestead should be harmoniously combined with the surrounding landscape. Self-decoration always involves strict adherence to certain rules of personal design:

  • the summer cottage should be divided into zones, which will make the personal territory functional;
  • all structures used in the local area must comply with safety requirements;
  • in the process of zoning and the choice of designs, elementary aesthetic expressiveness cannot be neglected;
  • at the initial stage, it is recommended to give preference to planting fast-growing crops that will allow you to get attractive plantings in a short time;
  • A good result is the combination of traditional flower beds and flower beds using a very modern container gardening.

The final touch will be the installation of original garden figures and small architectural forms of wood, metal, glass or stone. However, it should be remembered that a wooden house is best complemented by a style based on wood.

Gypsum cottage decor

Compliance with the general style of landscape design

The main stages in the choice of style are the study of the relief features of the infield and vegetation, as well as the definition of design goals. The choice of style is also influenced by the architectural features of home ownership., the size of the local area, the availability of communications, additional buildings and ponds.

When locating suburban real estate in a forest zone, it is advisable to give preference to a natural forest style, and if there is a large open area, you can use a regular or French style. For lovers of precise forms, Italian style is perfect, and if you want to completely immerse yourself in the cottage atmosphere, you can use elements of the Dutch or colonial style, as well as a country version.

Among other things, it is very important to focus on the ability to care for personal territory. In the absence of free time, it is advisable to design zones in a landscape or individual minimalist style.

The thematic style allows you to maximally reliably recreate the geography of a particular area, including Japanese gardens or the Mediterranean landscape, which in some cases allows you to visually expand or, on the contrary, reduce the space.

Determine the number and place for the installation of decorative elements in the garden

You can draw attention to decorative elements in different ways, but to achieve maximum expressiveness, the areas for their location must be carefully thought out. Large elements are ideal for background design. Small sculptures look original among groundcover plants.

The place of growing flower arrangements should also be very carefully thought out. Even flowering crops, complemented by individual stylish elements, can dominate the garden space.

Choose material

In an original way, you can decorate the local area with ready-made sculptural compositions and stylized elements, as well as independently completed structures from almost any materials at hand. Modern design involves the use of metal, durable plastic and glass, but the most popular among summer residents is traditional wood and classic stone.

Wood, of course, requires special care and regular treatments with special antiseptic compounds, but it is such a material that is best for creativity and goes well with metal, ceramics and a variety of natural materials. Wooden pieces of furniture not only retain natural warmth, but also fit very harmoniously into the zones indicated by garden plantings.

Decor for the garden and cottages: ideas that you can bring to life with your own hands

Despite the fact that today it’s absolutely no problem to purchase ready-made garden design items, Many owners of suburban areas prefer self-made elements of landscape decoration. It is fashionable and extremely popular in recent years hand made that allows you to make the house territory harmonious, vibrant, individual and very stylish.

DIY home decor: wooden statues, bridges and walkways

Wooden bridges and walkways, as well as small statues are simply ideal for suburban areas with already built buildings, including a bathhouse, gazebos, tables, benches and a well made of wood. A properly designed and cumbersome wooden bridge can be a great continuation of the garden path or decorating a small garden pond.

Such elements look very original with backlighting made by ceramic or forged garden lanterns, and can also be supplemented with pergolas and wooden arches entwined with flowering climbing cultures.

Decorative elements from tires and plastic bottles

Of course, designer finds knitted with the use of plastic bottles or car tires that have fallen into disrepair are very difficult to call eco-friendly. Nevertheless, such low-cost and very original versions of garden decor are increasingly found in house territories and summer cottages.

The lack of natural stone or brick, which are traditionally used when creating bordersallows you to use for this purpose plastic bottles buried neck down or car tires, the outer part of which is painted. A very successful solution for decorating shaded areas of a garden plot will be original flowerbeds made of plastic bottles of different shapes and colors.

However, it is considered to be the most rational to use plastic bottles not only for creating crafts, but also for more significant things, including outdoor furniture and gazebos. The frame base, in this case, can be made from traditional materials, including metal or wood.

Decor of a country site from a natural stone

Decorative stone, not only natural but also artificial, is organically combined with a variety of styles of personal design. Stone compositions can give solidity and are great for creating a rock garden and a Japanese garden, as well as a popular Czech rolling pin.

Rock gardens involve planting the most unpretentious plants and the use of natural relief. Japanese stone gardens are based on strict and concise solutions dictated by the fashion for minimalism. A feature of the rocky style "Czech Switzerland" is the vertical laying of flat plates, differing in thickness and length, followed by planting between them plants. Alpine crops, dwarf conifers, and also some perennial bulbous plants are best suited for such gardens.

How to make a flower garden with your own hands

Cottage decor using mural

Independently, you can quite easily and quickly transform the house territory by adding an individual and stylish “highlight” using a list of landscape elements. To date, the technique of art painting on stones has become very popular. Such design elements look great not only on an alpine hill, but also near a flower bed and even at the bottom of a shallow pond.

Rock painting or rock painting is carried out on a carefully primed surface using special paints with the drawing of even the smallest details, after which the finished drawing is varnished, which gives the painting strength and durability.

Steel decor items can also be painted with special paints for working with metals. It can be an abstract drawing or design in a certain style. And here wooden surfaces are best covered with paintings in Russian folk style, which is ideal for decoration in today's popular country style.

Unusual ideas and solutions

A stylish highlight of any suburban area can be deciduous catalpa. This unusual evergreen tree from the Bignoniaceae family has a crown in the shape of a circle and very large, heart-shaped foliage.

To guarantee the coloring of the homestead territory in red tones can be liquidated. The compact culture has yellow, yellow-red, red-green, red and purple leaves, and also affects bizarre cork growths on the shoots.

We create rustic garden decorations for the garden

Rural or rustic style in recent years has gained particular popularity. Such a design is characterized by the maximum preservation of the natural landscape, which can be supplemented with wickers, a garden with a scarecrow, wooden floorings that will replace the tracks, as well as tubs instead of a cache-pot.

DIY plastic bottle fence

Any fruit trees and berry bushes ideally fit into such a garden space, and the rural landscape attributes represented by a mill, a well and a cart are the main elements of the landscape. To maximize the preservation of the natural beauty of wood, instead of paint for processing, antiseptic impregnations are used, followed by varnishing.

For a very original and stylish decoration of your personal garden or summer cottage, it is absolutely not necessary to spend a lot of money on acquiring an expensive garden decor. It is enough to show imagination and make your own efforts to get an unusual and original design that allows you to comfortably spend time relaxing in the country.

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