Appearance and medicinal properties of common dreams

Common Dwarf (Aegopódium podagrária) is a perennial herb with creeping and long rhizomes. The healing properties and beneficial qualities of the plant are very well known. Dust is widely used in traditional medicine and has more than once proved its effectiveness.

What looks and where grows

Rhizome of the horizontal type, creeping. The stem part is straight, hollow and furrowed, somewhat branched above, no more than a meter high. The lower foliage is double triple, leaves are pointed and oblong-ovate in shape, no more than 80 mm long, with sharp-edged edges. The upper foliage is of a triple type, located on shortened petioles, small sizes. The foliage above is almost bare and pubescent below. Cirrus venation.

Inflorescences are represented by a complex umbrella, consisting of two dozen flowers. The apical umbrella is of a prolific type, and the lateral ones are barren. Flowers are small in size, white in color. Fruits are oblong oblate brown two-shift. Grass grows on rich soils, mainly in deciduous or mixed forest zones, in clearings or among shrubbery plants. Very often it is a common weed vegetation in gardens and gardens.

Medicinal properties and chemical composition

The plant has anti-inflammatory, astringent, healing, hemostatic, diuretic and choleretic effect, and also has analgesic, antibacterial and fungicidal properties and is used in detoxification. The plant is used in the treatment of:

  • rheumatism;
  • gout
  • polyarthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • wounds, bedsores and other skin lesions;
  • infectious lesions of a fungal and bacterial nature;
  • depressive states;
  • insomnia and other pathological sleep disorders;
  • neurosis-like conditions
  • iron deficiency anemia;
  • diseases of the urinary system and kidneys;
  • pathologies of the biliary tract;
  • heart and vascular diseases;
  • atrophic ulcers;
  • weeping eczema;
  • benign tumors;
  • scurvy.

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How to distinguish the dwarf from other plants

Plant components are also characterized by a pronounced sedative effect, contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, cyclitols, lectins, coumarin, steroids, as well as basic nitrogen-containing compounds.

In the foliage, stem part and root system there is a sufficient amount of vitamins, amino acids, flavonoid compounds, essential oils, as well as minerals, including iron, potassium and calcium, silicon and phosphorus, magnesium and molybdenum, aluminum and copper, zinc. Also in plant materials has a high amount of polyacetylene compounds, fatty and organic acids.

Therapeutic recipes of traditional medicine using the Dreams

With pathologies such as rheumatism and gout, diseases of the urinary and renal system, inflammatory processes in the joints, infusions based on a dream are used. To prepare such an infusion, you need to pour a couple of tablespoons of sugar in a glass of boiling water, then boil for about a quarter of an hour and strain. Then, a glass of boiled water at room temperature is added to the filtered infusion. Infusion is used one glass a day.

With rheumatism, a very good result gives gruel.obtained from crushed leaves. This slurry is applied to the affected areas and replaced with a fresh portion as necessary. With neuralgia, myositis and chronic fatigue, it is necessary to take special relaxing baths that contain a decoction based on the root of the dream. Outwardly lotions on the basis of fresh leaves of Dahlia are used, if necessary, to quickly and effectively get rid of acne and festering wounds, boils and other skin diseases.

Dust in cooking

Meals from greens are not only delicious, but also extremely healthy. They allow you to quickly get rid of vitamin deficiency, as well as strengthen immunity well. Such a plant, widespread in our country, contains a large amount of vitamin C and carotene, as well as rich in various protein substances and many mineral salts necessary for the human body.

Young leaves of a garden plant are often used to prepare salads and vitamin green cabbage soup, sauces and okroshka, as well as vegetable cutlets. Experienced housewives extinguish the green foliage of a dream with potatoes, and also ferment or pickle it for the winter. It should be noted, that green cabbage soup from taste in taste characteristics is not inferior to traditional cabbage.

How to cook

To prepare green cabbage soup, rinse and chop the young one, then pour it into boiling water or broth and cook until half ready. Then you need to add chopped potatoes and onions, salt and any spices. The dish is served with half a steep egg and sour cream. At 200g. leaves need to prepare 200g. potato, 20g. onions, 20g. oils, as well as spices and salt to taste.

A very original taste has sorrel and saplings. To prepare it, you need to rinse the young leaves of the plants well, and then boil in a relatively small amount of water. The resulting broth is poured, and the boiled greens are rubbed through a sieve and diluted with ordinary kvass, after which the ingredients in the form of green onions, fresh cucumbers or cucumber herbs, as well as dill and parsley, need to be added to the botvini.

A chopped boiled egg and sour cream are added to a fully prepared dish. For 500 g of sugar, you need to cook 100 g of sorrel leaves, three to four fresh cucumbers or 300 g. cucumber grass, 200 g of green onions, half a dozen eggs and a couple of liters of kvass. Sour cream, salt, sugar and herbs are added to taste.

Harm and contraindications to the use of plants

Despite the fact that rot has a very large number of useful properties, along with other medicinal plants, it has some contraindications for use, which must be taken into account:

  • a relatively rare, but still existing contraindication is represented by individual intolerance of the individual components of the dream;
  • it is not recommended to use such grass in any form during pregnancy and lactation, and also to use it for the treatment of children of preschool age;
  • it is extremely important not to self-medicate, and not to substitute medicines prescribed by the attending physician for alternative drugs based on the stocking.

Despite the fact that in terms of its chemical composition, such a herb as being drowsy is very close to the formula of human blood, it is absolutely impossible to use medicines based on it constantly and uncontrollably. Very important in the process of treatment and prevention, take small breaks, after which you can resume using the medicinal plant.

The healing properties of dreams

Many gardeners and gardeners are in a hurry to get rid of the dream at its first appearance in the garden or cottage. Nevertheless, such a common weed grass has a large number of useful properties, and can also be quite widely used in modern cooking.

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