Do I need to remove large peppers and tomatoes from the bush without waiting for ripening

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Hello) Tell me, do I need to remove large peppers and tomatoes from the bush? Or wait when they turn red?

Why, wait, when they will ripen.

I agree with the girls.

Experienced gardeners advise peppers to harvest the first fruits. At the stage of technical maturity, to give the opportunity to grow next. Try to remove on several bushes, and the next year you will conclude whether it is worth it, relying on your personal experience. (I did just that this year - we'll see посмотреть

I took off the peppers on July 6, so it was hard for K. Kustikam to hold them, so now the new ones are growing up, I still want to see them in color.

Peppers can be removed a little if the bushes are overloaded, it is too early to remove tomatoes, let them ripen on the bushes.

The peppers also took off part for the same purpose - so that the others grow further and the bush forces go to them, but they don’t let them into the “business” - they thought they would ripen, they would turn red in a box like tomatoes. Not! not reddened, but became just lethargic, dull. So I concluded for myself - I’ll only pick green ones if I need them for cooking right now

And I immediately stuffed them, it turned out very tasty

Do you stuff meat or vegetables?

Is it possible to stuff green stuff right?

Why not? I cut the pepper in half lengthwise, because K. I have sooo big peppers, meat (minced meat) and a little rice mixed, and filled the peppers. Then into the oven under the foil. It’s possible in different ways, it turned out deliciously


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