Is it possible to leave petunias in the apartment for the winter

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Did anyone have experience leaving petunias in the apartment for the winter? I like the ampel look, I wanted to leave such beauty in the room.

And in early spring, cut the cuttings from it, root it, and then again into the garden and flower beds!

Left last fall. In the winter it was rather sickly, it was sick with powdery mildew, now it is blooming.

I don’t know how it is in winter, but now 3 pcs weren’t where to plant it, until now it’s only a half-liter house and it blooms beautifully)

Left in the winter, not only in the room, but in the porch entrance. It's cooler there. It bloomed until January.

Petunia itself is beautiful, but it does not smell very much (

Everything is not so simple, in the winter the apartment needs lighting, without it they will not survive, they will become ill, will dry out.

And there is. In addition, the air is very dry during the heating season. Every year I bring from the balcony in October, lasts a maximum of 3 weeks.

I left it somehow. The bushes stunted and hurt. They need a good backlight. And, I think, it should be cut short

Thank you girls! And I’ll do it, prune, and feed. With the hope of her long life

I also want to leave them on a cool winter. Let's see what happens) to throw out the hand does not rise)


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