How to breed ants

Tell me, please, how to get ants out from under the tissue? Is it possible to water something so that there is no harm to the berries?

Just yesterday I watched the video, There a man from under the ants' covers hid an ant ant powder! I also use it, the ants were gone, the spider bugs are not afraid of it, there is no harm to the worms

Thank you gardeners, and then upset that there are a lot of ants.

There you go! Ants! under black lutrasil! I had seen enough, Yulina videos and ran. I bought it. In. ABOUT!? I am naive. I will not lay. Weeding. Can lose weight

Can you free the aisle. Leave the fabric only under the bushes. The fabric is cheap, but the berry is a pity. Great.

And what did the ants prevent you from doing under Lutrasil ?. ?

I also think to remove the fabric between the beds, and then the ants are afraid of climbing the berries.

I also took it off, I left it only under the bushes and from the strawberry it took off the whole strawberry died rotted for some reason

These ants. Such bastards Settled under the roots. And the bush does not develop. Not dying, but no use. Berries are dry or sluggish. I encountered this situation in the beds with strawberries. Long. There was no tissue, otherwise the anthill settled. Question questions? All individually. Julia doesn’t. I have to go.

Why did I ask !? I have ants with tissue, and where there is no tissue. I see no harm from them. Strawberries develop normally. The only thing was that I planted cucumbers with seeds last year in the garden, someone ate them. Had to sow. Fought first with ants, no sense. Threw this occupation. They do not interfere, and chemistry is less. Even under roses, anthills suit, and nothing.

Maybe the infection is fungal. All sorts of rot. And the tissue stimulated the development of the fungus. Warmly! Dark! Damp! Delicious! That's all struck. What could. Treat everything with fungicide and nearby: soil, plants. I don’t see the point of talking about harm and poison. We must fight this infection. And if the summer is rainy and warm, then this rubbish will trample this way. Not much will seem.

So I took off all the shed and then loosened the ground fertilized a little

Friends, I’m not laying a piece of cloth on the bare ground, but first I cover the bed with hay, then with a cloth. The earth breathes, the worms work and nothing preet.

Of course it doesn’t. The fabric breathes, not the film. It’s good that they don’t bother us. I am very much. Also cucumbers gobbled up. Aphids dragged it, sucked it out, milked it. They locked themselves on a currant with their aphids. Aphid larvae are directly worn on currant branches. I even took off the phone to show my mom. My mother in law, which is ancient. He takes a shovel of volatile, fresh manure. And on the anthill. Cheer up! And everyone died. But I can’t do that. I have a summer residence. And she is in the village.

I have strawberries for 2 years under cover. No problem. When I notice that ants appear, immediately sprinkle with millet and they leave.

About the aphids. Ants do not carry it! Look at the video about them.

I poured millet, and even soaked it in sweet syrup. Do not go, cunning. In the beds they seem to be more interesting to me. And the ant poured, and even a bunch of everything (on the Internet I collected the info), but they don’t have anything! I just haven’t tried boric acid. She was advised to breed with hot water and pour directly into the moves. But all these measures are good until the female eggs are laid. Then it is useless.

Just now I myself watched what happens after you sprinkle with millet, they begin to drastically drag their eggs. They leave from the place where they sprinkled, but not far.

Yeah, so they wander from garden to garden

Shine. Genius. I saw this Fedotovsky video, but not at first. Freedom!

Do you sprinkle on fabric or under it?

I once heard that forest ants should be brought from the forest, these will run away, only the heels will sparkle 🙂

A forest will live

Weave under a hole

I sprinkled sleeping coffee grounds on the paths with ants. The ants are gone. Give it a try. And the soil is good and no goose bumps.

I also eat strawberries directly, gut the whole anthill, they run away nearby, and they spread aphids everywhere, I’ve been tortured already

Yes it is. I have already done several times. Garden ants run away completely. And after a while the forest ones also leave.

And I already bought it, then opa again brewed my head 🙂 I think Nete is better off in half. 🙂

Thank you for the advice, accepted for practical use.

About aphids just above in these discussions a reference. Please watch the video. Aphid flies itself. Ants do not carry it, but only graze when they find it, like a herd of cows

You need to try the coffee maker. Do they leave the smell?

Soda from the ants helps, but they still carry aphids.

I don’t know what they try, but leave 🙂

And if I have a forest anthill, well, very large, what should I do with it, otherwise the ants have already started to run away from the beds? Do forest ants harm crops or let them run?

Ants spread aphids in the area. They feed on aphid milk.

What a nightmare, yesterday watering them with some drops and boric acid, they still run, they are in the forest, maybe they need something else?

Try sprinkling used coffee grounds from the coffee machine on their paths. I sprinkled mine didn’t like it :-) :-) the ants became much smaller.

Ants are extremely annoying reptiles

Well, ants can be adequately fought, of course, in order to completely remove them, you have to really try, but I personally used a gorgeous tool Inta-Vir Remedy for Ants. It really helped, I sprinkled this powder nearby and the ants dragged it all to my lair, and since it works on the principle of an epidemic, everything spread between them quickly enough and in a little more than a week, I saved myself from these reptiles

I once tried a special poison for a long time, similar to the one that is sprayed with potatoes from a Colorado potato beetle. At one time it helped, and then the ants began to crawl again, and in even larger quantities. I tried to dig a place where they dig their burrows, it did not help either. I read somewhere that ants are not found where it could be dangerous for their colony, but apparently, garden ants are not afraid of anything ...

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