How to grow Beijing head cabbage

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Children love a salad using Beijing head cabbage, and just do not mind leaf bites from it. Last year, I decided to try to grow it myself in my garden. But it was not there. The whole bush went “in the direction of an arrow,” but the head of cabbage did not start. Who will tell you: maybe a certain variety is needed, or special care? And is it possible to have time to get a crop still this year?



All cabbage belongs to cruciferous, they shoot at a long daylight. Therefore, for Beijing cabbage, the rule is the same as for radish. Sowing is carried out as early as possible in the spring in order to have time to harvest before a long daylight hours. The second sowing can be done at the end of July.

Also lack of moisture contributes to shooting. All cabbage is very fond of water.

Some gardeners use the shading technique of Beijing cabbage or radish for part of daylight hours to artificially create a short day. To do this, they select a place near the wall of a building or fence, so that part of the day the cabbage is in complete shadow.


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