How to grow sorrel in the country

He set himself the goal of growing sorrel on his plot - it was painfully delicious pies with him. They say this perennial is not so whimsical. But I did not find information about the features of its planting and growing. Share who knows.


Even a small earth valve can provide your entire family with sorrel. It is better to plant it on soft soil, but not too moist. The best time to plant sorrel is early spring, as sorrel is a cold-resistant plant. But it is better to wait for a temperature of 16-18 degrees. It is better to sow in rows, so it will be easier to cut it. Do not allow sorrel to bloom and cut the leaves, because the plant ages quickly due to flowering. Do not neglect the watering, but he also does not need too much drive. Follow the rules and the next year you will find an even greater harvest.

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