How to grow Kiwano (Tver region)

Friends, who planted a Kiwano? When do you need to sow seeds for seedlings? At what age is it planted in the ground? Cottage in the Tver region. More snow knee-deep and at night t ° minus.

On Aliexpress. And melotria there. Also could not find here. Either expensive, plus shipping.

I bought melotria on the Say1terussky garden) and we have it everywhere, probably 50-80

I will look for thanks)

I planted through seedlings at the times indicated on the bag. There was little care for him, so 4-5 nods were tied. Ripened at home, somewhere there are photographs. The taste is not impressed with orange-yellow ripe color reminiscent of the taste of overripe cucumber. Greens were not tasted. In general, I did not find anything magical for myself. But I repeat that I did not care and there was little nod. Perhaps not tried.

The taste could be influenced by the fact that they ripened not on the plant itself, but already at home. And I planted in the ground with cucumbers at the same time.

Hurray bought milotria and another Armenian cucumber with melon taste.

Has anyone planted a noddle? What is the timing of sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings?

I also ordered on Ali, there it is necessary to type (kiwano) in the search engine, otherwise it does not find anything

I ordered 70r on Aliexpress. 5 seeds. Hope not to wait long!

Kiwano was. Inside is an ordinary cucumber. First green, then yellow. He sprouted for another 2 years in a row without landing. Like a weed!

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