How to save a dug grape bush until spring?

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Is it possible to save the dug bush of grapes in November to spring in the cellar?


You can save and such storage is often practiced for young seedlings of heat-loving varieties. The older the bush, the harder it will be to winter outside the soil. A young seedling can be preserved by keeping its roots in processed sawdust, but an adult bush is best stored with a lump of earth, i.e. dig it out without destroying the root ball. For storage, the bush will have to be cut fairly short, cover the sections with var or wax. It is necessary to store such seedlings in a dry place, certainly avoiding the appearance of condensation on the shoots, and always at a low temperature, not higher than +4. If by the spring you still can’t avoid the early awakening of the buds, then the seedling will need to be taken to a cool, but bright place.


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