How to care for gerbera

Tell me, please, how to care for a gerbera? How to choose seeds? I already took 2 times the seeds of gerberas from a neighbor, but they disappear. Maybe you need some fertilizer? Can this plant be propagated in other ways? If so, how exactly can this be done? When is the best time to plant seeds? Maybe before sowing, it is necessary to somehow especially prepare the soil?


After the seeds are planted, it is important to take care of regular ventilation and spraying of the top layer with water so that it does not dry out. If everything is done correctly, then the first sprouts will please you after 10 - 14 days. After another 2 weeks, the first leaves will appear. And when the seedlings will have 3-4 leaves, you can transplant into the ground. When transplanting, it is important not to deepen the neck of the rod. It should always be above the surface of the soil.

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