What is the best way to drive hyacinths out of the bulbs again after they have faded

In general, she repeatedly tried to repeatedly drive out bulb plants after flowering, but failed. I put it in a dark place for the summer, and in a refrigerator in a rag, this year I tried to plant gladioli in the open ground. With cyclamens, too, nothing happened.
But the flowers are so beautiful, and the hand does not lean over to throw out, if they can still grow and please the eye!


Perhaps your failure with the cultivation is due to the fact that shops often sell the so-called plants - bouquets. These plants are specially processed so that they can not be used for a long time, it was impossible to achieve repeated flowering. Flower business marketers have developed techniques for one-time flowering plants. All companies need large sales. Every year, the buyer needs to buy flowers again.

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