How to get rid of black midges on indoor plants

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At the beginning of May they noticed that barely visible white worms appeared in pots with houseplants. They cultivated the earth with a decoction of onion husks (they painted eggs), and they calmed down. And now black flies fly over a swarm of flowers! I want to try to process it with ordinary dichlorvos, and cover each flower with a plastic bag, but my wife does not give it - will the flowers disappear? Who faced this disaster, and how to deal with these parasites?


Such midges start from dampness, waterlogged the soil, there was no complete drying out, there was no air movement.
Try to dry the soil in pots, and to loosen it at the same time. There should also be air movement around the flowers. No water or sprinkles yet!
if this does not help, then take out the plants, rinse the roots well and transplant into a new soil, but consider all the previous tips!


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