How and where better to plant melon and watermelon

I bought a melon and a watermelon, I know it's too late, I don’t count on a big crop. How and where better to plant? No greenhouse 🙁

Tusya, one of our friends plants melon under seeds in plastic bottles. But some sort of zoned. Her watermelons and melons are ripening. I planted it in glasses because I don’t know how to grow through seeds. Bashkiria

When I plant cucumbers hatching, someone eats them from me. So much time is wasted. This is another reason to plant melon, watermelon, pumpkin sprout. And the garden is not nearby, I get only on weekends.

Yes, I agree, I wrote incorrectly about pecked) at least until the cotyledons)

Oh, thank you, I planted beets, now I’ll plant beans at an apple tree and a melon and a watermelon in a snail) I’ll have enough time for a ride, I have to go early tomorrow завтра how little time in days 🙂 and how much has not been planted yet 🙂

Leave it for next season. Buy the finished one this year.

Thank you, sweethearts, I'll go right now into the snails twist 🙂

I don’t want to cook) I’ll try and suddenly 🙂

Watch the video on my wall.

Good luck, I think it can work out :-) This is what you correctly noticed, you yourself rushed about in the country with this thought: WHEN DOES IT ALL OVER? still need to dig two beds for eggplant, street cucumbers and corn. Wow

Melons in hot sawdust grow well. Like Julia, cucumbers and pumpkin. I now sprout everything in sawdust and peppers. I liked after them a strong root

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