Purple cauliflower

Yesterday in the store I saw cabbage, which is very similar to the colored shape of a head of cabbage. But she is purple! On the price tag it was written - cauliflower. Is Cauliflower Purple? Does someone grow such a miracle? What colors is cauliflower besides the usual white?


Cauliflower is called because there are formations that are called inflorescences. It consists of flowers tightly interconnected. Hence, obviously, the name, which until recently was weakly associated with the word “color”, since cauliflower was known only to white.

She would have remained white, but in 1970 in Canada they found a wild variety of this vegetable. It was remarkable not in harvest, not in size, but in color — the head of this cauliflower was bright orange. Seeds were sent to Vancouver, from where they eventually got to the English National Center for the Study of Vegetable Crops. In 1981, Michael Dixon, a professor at Cornell University, received them and, after eleven years, created the first cultural hybrids with a yellow head.

Now there are burgundy, brown, green and even almost purple varieties of cauliflower. In England, such a cabbage was called rainbow cauliflower - "rainbow cabbage." The orange color of the cabbage provides a high content of carotene - in such a cabbage it is 25 times more than in ordinary cauliflower. Well, the purple color gives the heads a high content of anthocyanins, which are useful for the circulatory system. It turns out that this cabbage is not only beautiful, but also very useful.

Now cauliflower has become colored in every sense! True, so far we have cabbage of such colors is very rare, they can be enjoyed only by amateur gardeners who have grown orange and purple varieties of cabbage in their personal plots. It’s a pity, because such a tasty and healthy vegetable could become an attractive dish on the children's table!

But whoever is fond of gardening can “decorate” their beds with the most famous hybrids of our selection - this is the orange Collage F1 and purple Graffiti F1.

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