What kind of pest is eating potatoes and cabbage

Hello! Help me please! All the potatoes in the hole, what is it with her? No one is visible on the bush.

Someone eats cabbage, twice sprayed Alatar, who eats is not visible.

What happens to lily? Everything was good, but here all at once.

if you want to see who eats cabbage, go out at night with a flashlight)) these are slugs. Spraying from them will not help, you need to pour granules, there is a “thunderstorm” or “slug”

I also have a lily ... I listen ... But I think these holes are not terrible for potatoes ...

Snails eat cabbage, nothing helps from them, I collect them both in the morning and in the evening. And look at the potatoes carefully, there are small bugs when they jump to the bush.

Powdered potato with ash.

so interesting))) everyone writes, taught by their experience .... from whom they eat slugs, they write that they are slugs, from whom snails - that they are snails .... And here I have all gobbled up the moth caterpillars .... I’ll write, perhaps, that this is what they are)))) I don’t care for the potato, leave it. Cabbage - more holes - slugs. They eat at night, in the afternoon they hide under a stoker or in a head of cabbage ... I searched, I found, plus the birds help! Small - most likely there is a moth ... take a closer look - the caterpillars are small and green .... In the evening is always visible. She squeezed her hands, nothing helped ...

bud on a lily damaged lily fly works in tandem with a red bug, but it seems there are whole buds in which she didn’t put off anything .... so hope is there just in case spray with something like intavir

Ndaaaa! This year, which only creatures Nanas could not stand! I have holes in the cabbage, but not all. And at night and in the evening I watched, not visible. I insisted on the arrows from the garlic, add and water on a bucket of half-liter water. It seems there are no new ones.

it's too late to spray, gobbled up and gone

A year has nothing to do with it! Everybody eats cabbage all his life! they plant it not for themselves, but for pests! So “BE CAREFUL!”

there are still large buds on the flower; the lily fly lays larvae; if these larvae are destroyed, the lily will decorate the garden with a beautiful color

I have all the peppers in the greenhouse. Thought snails. and yesterday, at the very top of the pepper, a slug caught it. soft and nasty. Snails eat potatoes. My whole worth is only astilba.

those buds that were about to bloom, their fly did not hurt. She laid the larvae in those buds that have already fallen off. Here they must be burned.

Galina Rebrova says correctly what kind of reptiles are there in the garden, if you need to write everything for half a day, you want to spit on everything, as you wrote one you want to pull it out and throw it away. So much effort and time for all this is necessary: ​​to poison, spray, collect by hand ... before this was not like that.

Does anyone have frogs on the site? I read that they love all this living creature Do they really save?

Thank you all very much for the advice !!! I’ll go to save my garden ...

Tobacco dust poured on cabbage.

left three buckets upside down in the garden ... the next day, they sat under each frog))) And I saw it in cucumbers.

I sprinkled cabbage with tobacco dust, the impression is that I added spices to the dish, they are eating more actively! To tears, sorry for the cabbage, such a beauty was growing!

in the plots not frogs, but toads live. Very useful animals. I've got plenty of them.

These are the snails that eat my cabbage.

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