What is it on petunia leaves

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Hello, tell me, please, what is it on petunia leaves? How to deal with this? Thanks in advance

They are tough ... but handle the nails))))))

Push it.

These are the eggs of a white moth

Do not kill the living, take the leaf out of the house let them multiply there if they interfere

How neatly some insect did the masonry))

My robe dried out for half a day on the street, the same eggs were laid on it. )) The husband proposed to leave hanging to find out what will hatch from them.

And we have exactly the same postponed the bug) can say it took birth)

Now we are watching with her husband for growth and waiting for offspring)

Some kind of bug eggs)


Well, not pests. If only to kill and crush ... well, what kind of people? (

I would put it all in a jar and watch the process! And if children are, then it’s twice as interesting and to attach them to nature and grow in their eyes yourself as an e-biologist

so yes. only here everyone would crush, poison, dismember. some kind of flayer, by golly. and then they are surprised that cruel children are growing))

The whole group has become about it!

I’m not bullying, I’m not breaking up anyone, and everything is growing. Everything lives in peace and harmony! Sometimes I drive away, of course, when they greyhound excessively but humanely

I didn’t pick up the Colorado potato beetle, for example, he couldn’t eat everything and I took a good large potato crop very much! I had to install additional boxes in the cellar! I got caterpillars on the tomatoes - I gathered everyone in a plastic terrarium, fed them with scraps of tomatoes and leaves that peeled the extra ones from the tomato bushes, eventually butterflies of incredible beauty hatched and were released to live

in the group you are the only creator))

Alas! I have to bend my line across the minds

god what stupidity. after colorado the harvest is good !! ?? after the caterpillars, the tomatoes remained !! ?? why are you planting ?? you would still have to send our bear for a divorce, for complete happiness and pleasant landings.

Not sure, but we came to the conclusion that this bug is laying.


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