What to do if a cobweb appears on the seeds of corn in a snail

Good day! Sowed corn seeds in a snail. I look, and there is some kind of spider web near each seed. So it should be? Does this snail not be covered with earth and not used for planting? Tell me please!


Corn is always moldy. How to plant paper is best treated with phytosporin.

Sorry mold.

I also had it, somewhere they wrote that the mold does not like when it is touched, well, I touched it and covered it with earth, only it was not very wet and all the corn sprouted well one snail I had already peaked

I first sprouted them / on makeup sponges / and rolled them into a snail with earth - everything is fine! thanks Julia! / she has a video about planting corn /

I have such mold on peas

Friends, thank you very much for the advice! I will fight for the life of these patches, while others will try to sprout on the sponges. Let mold go around everyone!

And I sprouted in March, planted it in a diaper without a bottom, corn was fished and fell, and when it sprinkled the earth, it rotted. Maybe someone knows why?

Because they planted it early?

I sprouted the corn on a cloth, (there was also mold), then planted it in glasses with tweezers, now there are normal seedlings (not rotted!). I would also try in your place.

I also sit in the same kindness, miramistin sprinkled at random 🙂 decided that while growing - let it go) sometimes I take it off a little

And phytosporin from mold can seedlings be watered for prevention?

By the way, there was another mold on the ground, apparently, there it splashed with miramistin - and everything went right away, it melted and never appeared again)

Thanks for the tip - I'll try to sprinkle miramistin)

Corn in the cochlea waved in the cochlea up to 14 cm. What to do next? Dive into the diaper? It is still a very long time before landing. Karelia. Planted corn for the first time.

If there is still a lot of time, then conduct an experiment. Plant now another 5-6 pieces. Then compare what from what and how it grew. What a crop, what plants were sick and how quickly they started.

Thank you, but there are a lot of seeds in the store, but there is no corn.

Here! I, too, could not find for a long time; at the dacha in the household, I only found two varieties.

Oh, I found one seed in myself.

I planted in sawdust. Gorgeous. But since the bowl is shallow, the roots go along the sides. She has very roots growing

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