Will the seeds of cucumbers rise if the air temperature at night is + 5 + 7

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Health to all! Tell me, I planted cucumbers under the film in the garden, at night + 5 + 7. Do you think you have to reseed? Are they frozen? The seeds have not yet pecked.

Moreover, these are seeds and not seedlings

Reassured, thanks.

You still cover the five-liter half with half-shells. Then they will be very good

If I knew where they didn’t ascend yet, I sowed, and now I’m afraid that they will rot and freeze in my soil

We had frosts last night. The ice was in a ditch. Tomatoes lutrasil + film on the arches. I only have cucumbers under the bottles. They all survived perfectly. Maybe you can put a film or lutrasil right on the bed. Ak ak hatch, then according to the situation.

Thank you 🙂 I’ll go pack tight tomorrow.

On my fifth day, loops appeared

So also the fifth day comes from landing. I’ll send a photo report tomorrow

Well, if they are cold, maybe longer

You cover the garden top with a film or covering material and it will be warm. And so, do not even worry. Get out as cute.


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