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Juniper Nana is a special kind of juniper that is known for its compact size. Therefore, many gardeners love to grow it on their sites. After all, this plant is not only very beautiful, but also useful. And unlike large bushy junipers, it can be easily placed even on a small flower bed.

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Juniper Nana is a dioecious plant. On one bush you can find both female and male cones. Male ones are usually located at the end of the shoot, while female ones are scattered throughout the rest of the twig. This is a long-lived plant. In the wild, it usually lives from 600 to 3000 years, if the conditions are fully consistent.

Juniper of this species grows in the form of a very low bush. It has many branches, from which soft needles extend in different directions. If you constantly trim, then the bush can be given a very interesting shape. And this is despite the fact that this juniper is recumbent. Many gardeners give it the shape of a fish or a flower, which looks very original on the flowerbed. But even an ordinary shapeless lying bush looks amazing.

Like all other species, it releases beneficial essential oils into the air, which can treat many respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to plant such a plant closer to the windows in order to enjoy the pleasant aroma in both summer and winter. Indeed, Nana Juniper is very resistant to both drought and frost.

Subtleties of planting in open ground

Proper planting of Nan Juniper in the ground is already half the success. Some subtleties should be adhered to, so that in the future the plant develops well and does not bring any problems. Junipers are those types of plants that do not tolerate shade. Therefore, it is best to plant it in a sunny place. The direct rays of the sun, even on the hottest summer day, will have a beneficial effect on the juniper.

If you plan to plant several plants at once next to each other, then it is important to maintain a distance of about 1 m between them. If the plant is still young, it will begin to grow in diameter in the future, so it will require much more space around it.

An ideal soil for this variety of plants is a mixture of the following components:

  • sand;
  • peat;
  • turf land.

At the same time, the earth and sand can be taken in equal parts, but add a little more peat. The acidity of the soil should be medium. You can lightly lime the earth.

Before planting in the ground, you must first dig a hole, in size it should be about 2.5-3 times larger than the earthen lump of the transport pot in which the juniper was located. At the bottom of the pit, pour drainage from expanded clay, slightly rub it with soil, and then move the juniper along with an earthen lump there. Tamp it well with the mixture prepared in advance. Before pulling out of the pot, be sure to water the plant well so that the roots are not damaged during extraction. After planting in the soil, juniper should also be well watered.

Juniper Varieties

How to care for juniper

Caring for Juniper Nana is very simple.

This plant is completely unpretentious. After all, it feels great in the wild, where no one pays attention to it. But still, some nuances should be taken into account so that the juniper feels good on the site.

Given that juniper is a drought tolerant plant, it should often not be watered. Excessive moisture in the soil can lead to decay of the root system. If the summer is arid, but not very hot, it is enough to water the plant once a month. If it often rains, then you can not water this lying shrub at all.

But at the same time, the plant hates dry air. Juniper will feel good if periodically sprayed from a spray bottle. But this should only be done early in the morning or late in the evening so that direct sunlight does not fall on the plant. In the event that it is planned to grow juniper in a region with a marine climate, you can also refuse to spray. Indeed, the constant evaporation of water and so sufficiently moisturizes the air.

Loosening the soil is necessary for better ventilation of the root system. But this should be done without fanaticism. It is best to weed juniper 2 times a month, loosening only a small topsoil. In this case, you must immediately remove all weeds. More deeply, the earth does not need to be loosened, since this can easily damage the roots.

Junipers tolerate even frosty winters well, but if we are talking about a very young bush that is not yet 2 years old, then it is best to cover it with winter cloth that allows air to pass through but retains heat. At the same time, it is recommended to sprinkle the earth around the plant with the bark of trees. It is best if it is the bark of spruce or pine.

Periodically, the juniper recumbent Nana must be cut. This should be done even if it grows on its own and has not been given any form. During pruning, all lower dried and yellowed branches, as well as leaves that for some reason have wilted and begin to fade, are removed. A plant from such preventive pruning will only be better, since it will no longer have to spend its nutrients on shoots that no longer need them. So the bush will be much faster to gain a new green mass.

Growing juniper Nana in your home or garden is a great pleasure. You can not follow this plant for months, and it will still look great and will continue to delight others with fragrant succulent greens. If you wish, you can even try to get healthy essential oil from juniper on your own, which will be no worse than what is sold on the shelves of modern shops and pharmacies.

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