Canned cabbage for the winter in banks

With the advent of winter, gardens and store shelves become empty, and you really want to treat yourself to vegetables, especially cabbage. That is why the preservation of cabbage is done every fall before the onset of cold weather. Today on the Internet you can find many different recipes, but choosing one out of a thousand is said to be difficult. This article contains the best recipes for sauerkraut.

To preserve a product such as cabbage, it is advisable to use iron lids.

Cabbage with pepper and rice: a quick recipe


  • kilogram of ordinary cabbage
  • one and a half kilograms of tomato
  • 200 grams of carrots
  • 2 peppers
  • 200 grams of rice
  • clove of garlic
  • 100 grams of vegetable oil
  • spices to taste.


  1. Cabbage and its leaves are cut into small pieces.
  2. Tomatoes are passed through a meat grinder, adding garlic.
  3. Boil the rice until cooked and add a little vegetable oil (do not use all the oil).
  4. We cut the pepper with carrots into small pieces and pour them into a preheated pan, we also send the grinded tomatoes, spices and the remaining vegetable oil and stew it all for half an hour.
  5. Pour the cabbage into the jar and fill it with the resulting vegetable paste, roll up and wait for the onset of winter. In general, preservation for this recipe is quick enough.

Canned Early Beijing Cabbage with Vegetables


  • a kilogram of Beijing cabbage (it is best to take the earliest);
  • a few pieces of Bulgarian red pepper;
  • half a kilogram of tomatoes;
  • cucumber - 2 pieces;
  • hot (chili) pepper;
  • 4 cloves of garlic;
  • salt and pepper to taste;
  • a tablespoon of sugar;
  • one and a half glasses of water;
  • a teaspoon of vinegar.


  1. First of all, we’ll start cooking spicy vegetable paste, which will later be preserved. Peppers should be peeled and sliced, chopped chili slices (2 thin slices will be enough), grate the cucumbers and chop the garlic. All ingredients are passed through a blender or meat grinder, stewed with peeled tomatoes.
  2. We turn to the cabbage. It must be chopped along, and then cut in half and pour a small portion of the marinade. We cover it with a lid and put it under the press.
  3. Half an hour later, after the leaves are soaked in vegetable paste, they must be folded into a jar, pour the remaining marinade and roll up.

Braised cabbage in a jar


  • head of cabbage;
  • spices to taste;
  • canned pepper - 100 grams;
  • carrot - 200 grams;
  • vegetable oil;
  • garlic;
  • onion head;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar.


  1. Chop the cabbage, stew in a frying pan (medium heat, under the lid) along with carrots, vegetable oil and spices. Remember to stir the dish from time to time until it is fully cooked.
  2. Add a head of onion, a few cloves of garlic, tomatoes and a teaspoon of sugar.
  3. Pour our prepared dish into the prepared cans and roll up.

Brussels sprouts pickled


  • 1 liter of water;
  • 9% vinegar - a teaspoon;
  • spices to taste;
  • young Brussels sprouts - half a kilogram;
  • chili pepper - one piece;
  • Tomatoes - half a kilogram.


  1. First, prepare the marinade, which consists of water, chili pepper, spices, vinegar and tomatoes.
  2. Tomatoes need to be peeled and chopped, chopped chili peppers with slices (only two are needed).
  3. We put a pot of water on the stove and wait until it begins to boil.
  4. Add tomatoes, peppers, vinegar and spices. Leave to cook for 15 minutes.
  5. While the marinade is being prepared, let's take care of the cabbage. It needs to be cleaned from the top layer of leaves, washed and cut in half.
  6. Now you can add cabbage to the marinade (do not turn off the stove in the same container where it is cooked). Cover the mixture with a lid and wait until half the marinade has boiled.
  7. Remove the pan from the stove and wait for the workpiece to cool. Then you can put it in sterilized jars and close.



  • cabbage - half a kilogram;
  • carrot - 1 piece;
  • spices to taste;
  • sugar.


  1. Chop the cabbage into medium slices, and grate the carrots.
  2. Add all the necessary spices and a spoonful of sugar.
  3. Mash and mix all the ingredients with your hands to make more juice stand out.
  4. Pour the cabbage into cans and mash it with a crush. This will produce even more juice.
  5. Roll up the banks.

Such a blank is stored for a short time, always in a cold place.

Cabbage without sterilization


  • young kilogram cabbage;
  • several carrots;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 500 grams;
  • onion head and head of garlic;
  • spices to taste;
  • vinegar 9%;
  • water - 2 liters.

Sterilization takes a lot of time, but you can roll up tasty, slightly salted cabbage for the winter and without it.


  1. Cabbage is peeled from the upper leaves and chopped.
  2. Carrots will need to be grated, bell pepper cut into strips, and onion rings.
  3. Then in a bowl or pan, mix the cabbage with other vegetables.
  4. We put a pot of water on the fire, add all the ingredients, spices and cook for 10 minutes.
  5. We filter the cabbage, shift it into jars and fill it with brine from above, in which it was cooked. Roll up the lids.

If desired, you can add a couple of branches of dill.

Cabbage with mushrooms and tomato sauce


  • cabbage - 1 kilogram;
  • half a kilogram of tomatoes;
  • spices to taste;
  • sugar;
  • 400 grams of mushrooms;
  • carrot and pepper - 1 piece.


  1. Cut cabbage and mushrooms into medium slices, shake them a little with your hands to make juice stand out from them.
  2. Slice peppers, carrots, tomatoes and simmer them for about 15 minutes on low heat.
  3. Pour all the ingredients into a sterilized jar. Top with tomato sauce and roll up the lid.

Pickled cabbage with beets for the winter

Canned cabbage according to these recipes will definitely not disappoint you. It is suitable as a dressing for borscht, the basis of a winter salad, filling for a pie. There are many options!

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