How to collect and plant hyacinth seeds

Hello. I am interested in one problem - how to get hyacinth seeds and grow an adult plant from them. I have been engaged in floriculture for a long time. I have a lot of all kinds and varieties on the site, but most of all I like bulb plants - they usually have large and bright flowers. I especially enjoy the hyacinths. I grow several varieties. However, I had the bold idea to try to work on breeding varieties myself. To do this, go to the troublesome cultivation of plants from seeds. This is the only way to achieve something new and unusual. I just don’t know where to start. Indeed, in order to fix at least new color variations, it is necessary to collect seeds from your plants. What then to do, how to prepare seeds for planting and how to plant them? And most importantly - when to plant seedlings in the ground?

Hyacinth seeds are used mainly for breeding, because at least 6 years pass from the moment they are planted in the ground until the first flowers bloom. However, if you have patience, you can get healthy and hardy copies. Or maybe it will be possible to grow something unusual, worthy of conducting further selection.

The action algorithm of the novice breeder is as follows:

  1. In the midst of the flowering of hyacinths, you need to decide on the choice of specimens worthy of their seeds being harvested and sown.
  2. First you need to collect the boxes. This is to prevent arbitrary cracking and seed loss. Ready to collect boxes turn yellow. They need to be picked and decomposed for drying and ripening.
  3. After the boxes open, the seeds are collected, cleaned and laid out on paper bags with information about the variety and the characteristics of the specimen.
  4. Then the seeds must go through the vernalization stage. First they should lie in a dark cool place. They need to be sown in the fall. The problem is that they sprout for a very long time. If you sow them in the spring, you will have to wait another whole year.
  5. In order for the seeds to germinate in comfortable conditions and not freeze, it is necessary to sow in closed ground. Planting in open ground is only possible in natural areas with a mild climate.
  6. Since the seeds are small, and their germination is not always high, they need to be sown densely - at a distance of 6-8 cm from each other.
  7. In the first year, hyacinth sprouts need careful care, since this is the main period of bulb formation. The maturation rate and viability of the plant depend on the conditions of the first season. Watering should be regular, but not excessive. During the season, it is necessary to fertilize 2-3 times with mineral fertilizers. It is best to make a mixture of ammonium nitrate (20 g), superphosphate (30 g) and potassium sulfate (10 g). The mixture is dissolved in 10 l of water. This amount of fertilizing is designed for 1.5 m beds.

By fall, you will receive a small onion. This will be the main result of your efforts. Next, young hyacinths need to be looked after, like ordinary adult bulbs, but more carefully, since they still need to gain strength for future flowering. This will happen no earlier than in 3-4 years.

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