Tomatoes varieties Intuition: characteristics and growing rules

Tomato Intuition refers to modern and very promising hybrid forms with a high level of productivity. The description and characteristics given by the Gavrish originator make it possible to attribute this hybrid to the category of tomatoes recommended for cultivation in extended or summer-autumn circulation.

Description and characteristic

Hybrid "Intuition-F1" belongs to the category of medium early crop ripening. Fruit harvesting occurs from mid-July to the last ten days of September. The first fruits can be harvested already three months after the appearance of the first shoots of garden crops.

On average, six fruits are formed in the hands on the lower part, two dozen fruits in the central part, and a little less than ten tomatoes on the upper part. Tomatoes have a rounded round shape, at the stage of complete ripening, they acquire a bright red color. A feature is the absence of a tendency to crack and an extended period of maturation.

Hybrid Characteristic:

  • indeterminate, creeping plant type with medium growth power and medium branching level;
  • the aerial part of the plant is powerful, well-developed, more than two meters high, with average foliage indicators;
  • internodes of medium size;
  • the leaves are not too large, without gloss, dark green in color, with a slight corrugation;
  • inflorescences of a simple type, with a compact arrangement structure, without creases;
  • fruits are rounded in shape, with a smooth and pronouncedly glossy surface;
  • the color of unripe fruits is light green, and at the stage of complete ripening, the surface acquires a pronounced red color;
  • the base of the fruit is flat, and the top is of a smoothed type;
  • the average number of nests in the fetus is not more than three to four;
  • the taste of ripe pulp is quite good;
  • fleshy fruits, do not crack;
  • the average mass of marketable fruit is about 95−105 g.

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What kind of tomato to choose

This hybrid form is ideal for growing on greenhouses and has excellent resistance to tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporiosis and fusariosis, which minimizes the use of strong and toxic chemicals for prophylactic purposes.


The main advantages of the hybrid tomato "Intuition" include a very high level of yield and marketability of the collected fruits. When carrying out extended turnover, the average indicators of marketable yield are at least 25 kg per square meter of landing area, which is 10% higher than the standard hybrid form "Milady-F1".

The average level of marketable productivity in the conditions of summer-autumn turnover is at least 10 kg per square meter. An advantage of "Intuition-F1" can also be considered a fairly high level of yield of marketable fruits, which reaches a mark of 95−98%.

Planting and growing in a greenhouse

The hybrid form of tomato "Intuition-F1" has proven itself when grown in greenhouse conditions. It is advisable to grow tomato in a greenhouse in a seedling method.

Planting and cultivating tomatoes in greenhouses is quite laborious, but very productive, and the method of cultivation involves taking into account not only the dimensions of the greenhouse, but also the presence of heating and lighting systems. Most often, on home gardens and garden plots, tomatoes are grown in the summer-autumn turnover, which implies compliance with the following rules:

  • at the initial stage, it is necessary to conduct competent pre-planting preparation of greenhouse soil;
  • the optimal soil nutrient substrate for ridges is a mixture based on peat, humus and sod land in a ratio of 1: 1: 1 with the addition of 1 kg of sand, 1 cup of wood ash and 1 tablespoon of superphosphate;
  • it is allowed to fill the greenhouse ridges with special nutritious soil sold by garden centers;
  • Partial replacement of greenhouse soil with the removal of the topsoil from the ridges to a depth of about 15 cm gives a good result;
  • Before planting seedlings or sowing seed material, it is advisable to disinfect the greenhouse ridges with a solution based on one tablespoon of copper sulfate, diluted in a bucket of water;
  • hybrid forms of tomatoes grow best and bear fruit on loamy or sandy loamy soils with the addition of 6 kg of humus and a glass of wood ash per square meter.

The best predecessors for such a garden culture as tomatoes are cucumbers and zucchini, as well as carrots, cabbage, beans, parsley, basil and dill. Before planting seedlings should be hardened for a week. High-quality and ready-to-plant tomato seedlings should not be older than one and a half to two months. At this age, plants should be strong, with a powerful stalk up to 0.4 m high and bright green foliage. It is advisable to plant seedlings in an unheated greenhouse not earlier than May.

Greenhouse planting technology:

  • it is necessary to prepare the landing wells and spill them with a sufficiently strong solution of potassium permanganate;
  • powerful and vigorous, indeterminate growth type tomatoes of the Intuition variety, which are formed into a single stem, it is advisable to place with a standard distance of 25-30 cm;
  • the distance between the rows should be at least 45-50 cm.

The greenhouse cultivation of a highly productive and very tall tomato hybrid "Intuition-F1" is very important in home gardening and contributes to the most efficient operation of the entire useful landing area of ​​covered ground.

Reviews of summer residents

Hand tomato Intuition enjoys a positive reputation among domestic gardeners due to its high and stable yield. According to truckers, this hybrid has not only excellent yield, but also forms fruits without sourness, which have a decent taste for the hybrid form. The harvested crop has proven itself in transportation and storage, and is excellent for processing and home canning.

Observations of gardeners show that when grown in greenhouse conditions, the height of a tomato bush of this variety can exceed two meters. Almost all fruits are tied, and the uppermost ones are formed even in the first decade of autumn. For each tomato bush "Intuition-F1" there are about a dozen brushes, which averages at least 90 tomatoes.

How to plant tomatoes

The hybrid form of "Intuition" fell into the favorites of most gardeners practicing greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes. Bushes are formed very powerful and well developed. As befits an indeterminate hybrid, the first fruit brush is tied over the eighth or ninth leaf, and then all brushes are formed through two leaves. The minor disadvantages of Intuition-F1 include a fairly average, store-like taste and too high fruit density, even at the stage of complete ripening, which makes them unsuitable for fresh consumption, but very convenient for whole-canning.

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