Features of growing border dahlias

Hello! Nowadays, curb dahlias are becoming more and more popular in garden plots. Please tell us about the features of this type of flowers, the conditions for their cultivation and storage of tubers.

Low, or curb, dahlias are indeed becoming more and more popular.. The main reasons are the relative unpretentiousness of these plants, a long flowering period (up to 5 months).

Breeders bred more than 10,000 varieties of these flowers. In order not to get confused in the classification, it is customary to divide them into groups according to 3 criteria: the height of the bush, the size of the flower and its shape.

Bushes of border dahlias have a small height (up to 55 cm) and large terry inflorescences (up to 15 cm in diameter). Inflorescences have a variety of color shades, from white to maroon, and serve as a wonderful decoration of flower beds, terraces, balconies. They can be grown in vases, containers. If flowers of the same color do not suit the hosts, you can plant mixtures of border dahlias. Dahlias get along well with other annual and perennial flowers.

The stalk is dense, does not require tying and support. Therefore, in garden areas, border dahlias are usually planted to separate paths, edging flower beds with tall perennials.

Plants prefer well-lit areas, fertile and moisture-holding soil, do not like drafts.

The easiest way to propagate is to divide the tubers. But you can propagate by cuttings, in this case, the size of the inflorescences will increase.

You can plant border dahlias after the last spring frosts. Sprouting tubers is optional, but in this case the plants will bloom later. The tubers need to be divided, otherwise the border dahlias will lose one of their virtues - the height of the stem - and become tall.

For proper storage, wooden or plastic boxes are used. They fit healthy dried tubers. They are sprinkled with peat chips, sand, sawdust, which periodically need to be moistened. It is best to store boxes in the basement. Tubers are removed from the site for storage after the first autumn frosts. To protect tubers from the first frosts, they can be removed in advance and placed in a greenhouse or greenhouse.

Dahlias: tuber division

The main drawback of border dahlias is that for the most part they are hybrid varieties that degenerate after a few years and lose their main advantages: the terry of the flower, the height of the stem, and the uniqueness of color.

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