Why dill curls and dries

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Hello! Please tell me what about dill? It twists and dries. Thanks!

Yes, it's aphids. I have such muck deprives me of dill since the month of July. How to fight? Tell me!

Damn, but I can’t get rid of dill. Filled the whole garden

And this year I have the same trouble with dill

For so long I tried to sow dill in the normal way, but it didn’t work out - it either turns yellow, sometimes blushes, then someone eats, as a result I bought five packs of dill seeds at the pharmacy and scattered EVERYWHERE in the fall. The problem is solved, dill grows like a weed.

Sprayed with celandine, it became less ... On a bucket of water 3-4 adults plants. Soak for three days, then spray.

I am wildly interested in this question ... I always harvest dill with green onions for the winter. Last weekend I harvested half the dill, washed, soaked and washed again, and so half a day .... Then she went over and examined each twig, saving her from the hated aphids. Achieved, prepared. Question: how to process the second half to harvest in the coming days? So that the aphid escapes at least. The issue with ants will be decided on the day off. They so diligently dragged on my dill aphids that without tears you will not look.

I have a ladybug sitting on it and devouring this muck)) but I still pass fitoverm

I envy you!!!!! I always have a problem with him, only the one in the greenhouse that makes me happy!

it turns out this rubbish at the roots, everything is strewn like pebbles! They advised to pour vodka and then for several days in a row infusion of nettles. I went to try ...

I barely got dill to grow in my area. I read that people cannot get rid of him, and I paid so much attention, but there was no sense. In general, I realized that this plant does not tolerate acidic soil (as I had), then it either does not grow, or grows thin, tough, low, not mild - tasteless!


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