How to get rid of weeds between rows

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Spring is the time to bookmark the future crop in the beds. And this crop will largely depend on how comfortable the plants in the garden feel, whether the harmful weeds oppress them, whether they obscure, or if nutrients are taken away. Therefore, weed control - including in the aisles between the beds - is of paramount importance.

You can, of course, buy defoliants in specialized stores and fill them in the aisles in calm weather. But if the gardener is an adherent of ecological methods of growing vegetables and berries, it is better to resort to more gentle and, accordingly, less hazardous to health methods.

The simplest and relatively cheap method is to lay strips of old linoleum, roofing felt or roofing felts in the aisles between the beds. Thus, potential weeds will be deprived of sunlight and will cease to grow.

Another option is to use paper or cardboard instead of the above tools at hand, which are stacked in aisles in several layers. On top of paper or cardboard, it is advisable to pour a layer of wood sawdust with a thickness of 5 centimeters, and also a layer of sand or small gravel (so that the sawdust does not spread over the site with the wind). In autumn, with the help of a fan rake, gravel can be collected, and sawdust together with sand will serve as organic fertilizer and a means to improve the soil structure.

A dense plastic film is also suitable, preferably black. It should be pressed with boards or bricks.

Such care for the cleanliness of the row-spacing will give its results: it is easier to walk on clean passages, weed and water the plantings.


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