Curb Dahlia Gallery

Hello. I wanted to grow dahlias at home, and I was advised a variety of dahlias Gallery. Could you tell us more about her? Can it really bloom even indoors?

Good day! They gave you absolutely the right advice. Dahlia Galleri - a real find for those who need compact low-growing bushes. They can be planted along the edge of the path in the country, placed in flowerpots and pots; They look great both in the fresh air and in the premises of the winter garden.

Bred this series of varieties, of course, in Holland. Dahlia Gallery - low bushes about 30-40 cm, but this is not their main advantage. The fact is that they are very strong, resistant to pests and adverse weather conditions, are characterized by early flowering and are able to delight buds in skilled hands from the end of May until the very winter. Sometimes there are so many flowers that no leaves are visible behind them!

In a series of 17 varieties of the most diverse coloring for every taste:

  • Art Deco;
  • Art Fair;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • Bellini
  • Vermir;
  • Vincent;
  • Degas
  • Singer;
  • Cobra;
  • La Tour;
  • Leonardo
  • Monet
  • Pablo
  • Rembrandt
  • Rubens
  • Salvador;
  • Susan

All these varieties are not whimsical at all and take root even with an inexperienced gardener. They can bloom at home, most importantly - more light. If necessary, buy a special lamp and hang it directly above the pot, 15-20 cm from the ground. Good luck and beautiful flowers to you!

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